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About Rounko Express Marine

Rounko Express marine Oil & Gas Services Ltd is Nigeria’s leading marine consulting company and marine logistics, providing specialist advisory services to the Oil and Gas Company in terms of marine transportation. Rounko Express Marine Oil Gas Services was registered on the 13th day of June 1994 and became a Limited Liability Company on the 7th of February 2003.


Rounko express Marine Oil & Gas services Ltd adopt a total system approach in analyzing and solving our client’s problems.

Our in-house resources and our network of associates covered management, technical, scientific and regulatory aspects efficiency which make the way and manner we carry out our marine operation cannot be compared to any.


• We offer a full range of services and talents by combing science and engineering with solid, bands-on-management experience.
• We have strong commitment to quality
• We work closely with clients to ensure that prompt, cost effective and pragmatic solutions are provided to their marine transportation need.
• We combine Nigerian skills with an international experience record.



Rounko express Marine Oil & Gas Services’ ltd environmental consulting and training services focus on marine transport / oil field services and engineering. We undertake:
• Marine transporters
• Marine consultants
• Mechanical / civil engineers
• Oil & Gas field Services
• Suppliers and contractors.

At Rounko Express marine Oil & Gas Services Ltd, we provide you with a complete range of professional and cost effective project services that reflect on compromising quality and commitment to both proven design and emergent technology with attention to detail that reflect our strong desire to main long term business relationship.

Rounko Express marine Oil & Gas Services Ltd believes staffing is the important factor contributing to the successful completion of any project. As a company, however, we must maintain proper resources, facilities, and staff-of the art marine equipment to allow our employees to achieve successful project execution.

Whether you have a single short-term assignment, you will find that Rounko Express Marine Oil & Ga Services Ltd experience staff has the full in-house multi-disciplinary expertise to provide the quality of services you require on schedule and at a reasonable cost. Because we realize that the quality and timeless of our services directly determine the overall success of your project, we will do our best to apply the proper balance of quality, schedule and cost effectiveness to make your project successful. From the initial concept to the final documentation, we get the job done with innovation thinking, technical expertise, operations knowledge and a dedication to serving the client.

Rounko Express marine Oil & Gas Services Ltd fleet embraces creek and sea-going tug boats, aluminum crew / utility vessel, survey vessels, inland water fast passengers boat, self propel portable water and fuel barges. Flat and ramp barges, house boats with equipments and personnel on board incorporation state-of-the-art technology and ready to provide logistics services and erection for local / subcontractor work.

It is our policy to provide and maintain safety and healthy working condition, equipment and procedures of work of all our employees and to provide adequate information training and supervision needed for the purpose.

OMS Health, Safety and Environment protection plan is drafted in the line with Federal Government Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA). This entails programmed and procedures fundamental to the performance of our activities in such a manner as to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected with due regards to the environment in which we are operating.

We also accept responsibility for the health and safety of others that may be affected by our operations. In line with this and the Federal Government’s Legislation on the preservation and conservation of the Nigeria environment, we embrace all government regulations and are prepared to liaise with the Federal Environment Protection Agency as well as other responsible organization with whom we operate towards achieving this objective.

In this regard, emphasis is placed more on prevention of action(s) that might impair / affect the plant animal life of the Nigeria Environment within our scope and areas of operations. Also programmed aimed at achieving a realistic environment standard and improving current methods of environmental control shall always attract our concern and encouragement.

Scope of contract works shall be thoroughly discussed with the client as reporting relationships in case of progress and of accidents shall be held regularly and the minutes of such meetings made to the client supervisor. Other safety activities to achieve in an accident-free operation and a good company-community relation and respect for the environment shall be pursued with vigor.



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