Manual excavation is when you dig the ground or soil with the aid of spade and in some cases a digger muscular and general body pains cold because of improper digging method. Here are some safety tips on manual excavation.

a. Assess the job to be done and identify the hazards
b. Do not crowd or toilet round excavation area
c. Do not over load the spade blade
d. Avoid jerky movement during digging
e. Avoid throwing dug out soil unsafely
f. Watch out for fellow workers to avoid hitting somebody with your spade
g. Do not throw sand at the edge of the pit. It could collapse
h. Always dig slantly and avoid leaning on the spade to scoop up the hard soil


i. Use widen handle spade where there is the possibility of under ground cables pipes.
j. Get permission from the appropriate person before commencing work (See PTW).
k. Be extra careful when using the digger. It could injure your back feet or your fellow worker.
l. Cordon of the excavated area especially during the night.


Mechanical excavation is when we dig the soil with the aid of a perking or excavator. Here are some basic safety tips:
a. Conduct a job hazard analysis. This will help to determine the existence of the underground cables or pipes or any other facility or hazards.
b. Do not excavate under or near over electric cable
c. Keep off from the digger bucket
d. Appoint a competent signal man or supervisor
e. Ensure a competent operator.